Charlotte Franenberg

I’m a freelance UX specialist based in Amsterdam.
I combine my expertise in cognitive psychology, user research, and user-centric design to create an optimal digital experience.

Brands I've worked with
Jacobs Douwe Egberts Case Study
UX Designer - Charlotte Franenberg

About me

Hi! I’m Charlotte Franenberg, a freelance UX Researcher & Designer based in Amsterdam. I’m extremely passionate about user experience. I always strive for a win-win situation where the users get the best possible experience and the business KPI's are met.

I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My academic background is in Applied Cognitive Psychology (Leiden University). In 2014, I started my career as an analyst for a large-scale IT project. After this, I worked as a Digital Marketer for a startup specialized in secure online identities. Currently, I’m working for WPG Publishers in Amsterdam.

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